Best Ways to Remove Hard Stains

Every homeowner knows that for his house to look presentable to a guest, proper hygiene must be maintained. And what is the biggest indicator of hygiene in a home? Carpet, that’s right. Every homeowner knows that carpets are the biggest indicators of how well he preserves hygiene. But what do you do when you can’t get your carpet to look clean again due to stubborn stains? Then you continue reading this blog and find out all about hard stain removal techniques known to man. Without further ado here are some best tactics to get those nasty vine and tomato stains out of your carpet.

Special Mixture

First, you’ll need to create a unique mixture, one of my very own to be exact. Get soda bicarbonate and pour one medium sized teacup into a mixing bowl. Next, add your favorite washing powder, salt, and hot water and give it a nice stir. Make sure it’s all blended. Now you need to add washing liquid; I recommend one of top quality. And there you have it; now you can proceed to step two.

Rubbing and Scrubbing

Apply the mixture on the stain. If you have a hard stain from vine or anything reddish, add more salt to it, preferably sea salt. Get a nice brush and start scrubbing. After five minutes of persistent scrubbing, you should leave it to dry off. Now, either do it again and repeat the whole process applying more of the mixture on the spot, or vacuum it. Once you’re done, get a clean towel or a cloth and rub until it is completely dry. You might want to repeat the whole process several times depending on how stubborn stain is.

This technique can save you from a lot of embarrassment when your family or friends come visiting. No one likes stains on their carpet, especially when you have guests for dinner. Instead of spending money on carpet cleaning services you can do it on your own without the fancy cleaning devices and chemicals.